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Ogeneral Hi wall mount fixed speed 2.5 ton Ac [ ASGA30FUTD-B / 30FUTC-B (R410A) ]


  • Blue Fin Condenser
  • 25m Long-reach Airflow
  • 6 Speed Fan Control
  • Ambient Operating Range
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Power Source Phase Single phase
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Capacity Cooling 8.180 kW
Input Power Cooling 2.340 kW
EER Cooling 3.50 W/W
Max. Operating Current Cooling 17.0 A
Moisture Removal 2.5 l/h
Sound Pressure Level*2 Indoor (Cooling) High 50 dB(A)
Middle 47 dB(A)
Low 44 dB(A)
Quiet 41 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level*2 Outdoor (Cooling) High 54 dB(A)
Airflow Rate Indoor (Cooling) High 1380 m³/h
Outdoor (Cooling) High 4400 m³/h
Net Dimensions
Height 340 mm
Width 1150 mm
Depth 280 mm
Net Dimensions
Height 914 mm
Width 970 mm
Depth 370 mm
Net Weight Indoor 17.0 kg
Outdoor 77 kg
Connection Pipe Diameter Liquid φ9.52 mm
Gas φ15.88 mm
Drain Hose Diameter φ11.8(I.D.) φ15 to φ16.8(O.D.) mm
Max. Pipe Length (Pre Charge) 30 (7.5) m
Max. Height Difference 15 m
Operation Range Cooling 21 to 52 °C DB
Refrigerant Type R410A
Charge 2450 g


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